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In Villa Aprendizaje we are committed to increasing access to content, teacher updating courses and solutions of high educational impact. For this, we have decided to create a system of incentives that recognize the contribution of each one of you in promoting our services, systems and products.

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From 2011, Learning Village has benefited from the continued support of the CONACYT for conducting research and development for its certificate courses, online courses, interactive teaching resources, and technological platform for the management and assessment of learning.

About Us

Learning Village offers the middle school, high school and higher education community a comprehensive strategy based on reading comprehension which underpins the analytical-reflexive processes of teachers and students to strengthen their overall development.

Our offer consists of interactive teaching resources, and six online Certificate courses which are oriented to the cultivation of universal values and dedicated to promoting well-being, productivity and the quality of education.

To offer content, services and solutions of significant impact that optimize learning, academic management systems and technological resources to ensure greater performance and efficiency in educational functions.

In order to achieve social equity in access and longevity in world-class education, priority is given to both the innovative production of our own resources, and the establishment of strategic partnerships with organizations and leaders in the international field of educational technology.

We see ourselves as a prestigious organization in the development of knowledge, capacity, attitudes and habits in order for individuals and organizations to overcome the current challenges that the Knowledge Society imposes. Our emphasis is centered on personalized education and on theoretical and practical innovations regarding significant, collaborative and lifelong learning.

For this reason we depend on recent theoretical developments in learning and advanced technological applications of information and communication technologies (ICT) in collaborative groups, social networks and the cultivation of universal values.

The direction of the changes to come define our lines of action: The countries with a higher quality of life will be those that invest more in education, research and development (R&D), and the production of innovative goods and services with high added value, both in terms of broad-based economic development and the achievement of fairer, stronger and cleaner regional environments.

To reduce the adverse environmental impact and the serious socio-economic inequalities and promote the empowerment of the members of each community, it is essential to have an educational paradigm that emphasizes a comprehensive education throughout life. A comprehensive education is understood as that which gives each individual the values, knowledge, skills and tools necessary to provide the right avenues for creativity, rational productivity, interdependent life, solidarity, citizens' organization and social significance.

We focus on:

  • Teacher training online, as a starting point;
  • the assignment of readings and the implementation of tasks and exercises for teachers with their students as the focal axis of the training;
  • assessment and immediate feedback of teachers and students as a means of ensuring the quality of their school performance.
  • Active participation in online training courses;
  • Reading and analysis of specialized and updated literature on topics of study;
  • The application of group dynamics and the use of interactive teaching resources in the classroom;
  • The promotion of reflective thinking, and the reading comprehension of students;
  • Assessment and regular feedback on their performance in training courses and in the classroom.
  • Active participation in reading, interaction and reflection on textbooks and digital resources that address the same issues as those of teacher training;
  • Individual and collective expression of views on the content of textbooks and educational software;
  • Analysis, discussion and conclusions in groups that promote reading comprehension, reasoning and critical and socially responsible thinking, as well as habits for their comprehensive development, welfare and quality of life;
  • Promotion of individual and collaborative learning;
  • Qualitative and quantitative reports on student performance as a factor in teacher evaluation.

Our organization has high rates of completion in its online teacher training courses (an average graduation rate of 85% with the competences specified at the beginning of the program), and which are evident in our associates' executive reports.

  • Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, UANL)
  • Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo, UAEH)
  • University of Guadalajara (Universidad de Guadalajara, U de G)
  • Ministry of Education in Veracruz (Secretaría de Educación de Veracruz, SEV)
  • Televisa Foundation (Fundación Televisa)
  • Union of Entrepreneurs for Technology in Education (Unión de Empresarios para la Tecnología en la Educación, UNETE)
  • Bécalos Program
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The average completion rate consists of the graduation rate of participants who successfully meet criteria, standards and competencies established in all our courses and certificates.

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Our collection of TETRA stories invites young people to reflect seriously on universal values, the study of which is fundamental in modern times.

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A digital teaching resource (software) that encourages students, in a fun and challenging way, to reflect, make value judgments and decisions in different real-life situations.

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Project Manager

It is an application hosted on the Learning Village website, administered by a partner institution of the  Embark with Courage (Emprender con Valor) Program, which supports the successful execution of student projects through timely and appropriate tracking of goals, activities and resource usage.

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